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Wedding Tips

Selecting Event Venues

Before you book, Carefully think about the questions you need to ask

  1. Know approx. number of guests are you inviting?
    Is their adequet parking for all guests on site or close by.

  2. Does the venue have a variety of room capacities to choose from?
    For example, although most people assume banquet halls offer only large rooms for large weddings, that is often not the case. If you want an intimate wedding? Options are usually available for small or large guest lists.

  3. Is it possible to hold both your ceremony and reception at the same location?
    If your booking a larger room, often you can split the room to accomodate the cereomony and the reception. Usually you have a few hours after the wedding ceremony to re-arrange the room for the dinner and reception party.
    If your wedding is going to be held during the summer, late spring or early fall months, you can opt to have a ceremony on their outdoor grounds – if they have that option.

  4. Will there be onsite hotel accommodation for your out of town guests? And, if not, how close is the nearest hotel accommodation?
    It's important if you have out of town guests that you have onsite or close overnight accomodation to prevent drinking and driving incidents.

  5. Pricing: what is the price per person? Is there a minimum amount of dinner settings? Are there any set packages or flat rates?

  6. IMPORTANT: Once you decide on the venue, make sure to read the fine print on anything before you sign, so that there aren't any surprises later on the day of the wedding.

  7. Is the catering in-house, and if so, are there also venue approved caterers for items not on the venue’s master menu (this is usually a key consideration if you plan on incorporating some international cuisine).

  8. How easy is it to get to the venue? Is there public transit nearby? How much available parking do they have?

  9. What are your decor options? Do they have their own chairs and linens? Do they work with a decor company or should you seek your own? Do you have an option to decorate?

  10. What's the protocol for letting your outside suppliers in and out on the day of the wedding? (is there a time frame that you have to adhere to?)

  11. How flexible are they? For example, are there any restrictions in terms of what you can bring in and use (this is a good question if you have something specific in mind like candles or standup displays)?

  12. How do they normally plan out the itinerary for the reception and is there some leeway on the timing? Many busy halls have a very small window of time for setup and teardown of your event.

  13. If you book a live band, Can they handle your bands stage size and hydro requirements. Are the rooms acoustics complimentary to bands volume requirements, will guests be able to reasonably talk to each other while band or DJ is live?
    What are some seating options to make the most out of live music while maintaining the social aspect of the evening? Can the room accomodate uplighting? Is their adequet stage lighting or hydro circuits for entertainers to bring their own production. How easy is the loadin to bring sound equipment, food and decor into the room.
    Can the entertainers use smoke or haze machines? What are the fire restrictions.