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World Famous Standup

Canada’s relentless road warrior

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Ron James Standup comedian

World Famous Standup

Canada’s relentless road warrior

Available Worldwide from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

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Ron's most recent comedy special delivers what the 1.5 million fans who watched it have come to expect: intelligent, cutting-edge content complemented by a rollicking delivery that's seen him heralded as the "gold standard of Canadian stand-up comedians". True North finds Ron James marshalling his poetically and politically charged brand of funny as he searches for slivers of sanity in a world lost of its moorings during the year that went so categorically 'Cuckoo.' We saw America lose its collective mind by electing a carny barking billionaire fascist bully bull-shitter spawned from the unreality of reality TV.

The special also hews closer to home, celebrating the advent of Canada's 150th birthday, getting some good-natured mileage on our self he struck Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Party's legalization of marijuana, as well as the historic characters that built the nation, from trial 'ripe' voyageurs to the mutton chopped legal eagle windbag Fathers of Confederation.

RON JAMES: THE BIG PICTURE ‘The Big Picture' finds RON JAMES delivering his poetically charged brand of funny as he charts a path of satiric sanity in these days of constant, dizzying change on our rapidly spinning planet. Observations on the ‘everyday', from stocking up for the ‘end times’ at Costco, twits on Twitter, to the whiplash-inducing Orwellian 'double speak' of corporate spin, that has Big Oil selling 'spills' as an economic boon and trendy juice bars selling goji berry kale smoothies as a short cut to immortality!

Ron will weigh in on that ‘digital crack house’ we call Netflix, where North Americans are busy ‘binge watching’ their way comatose, awakening from their stupor in the Lazy Boy 72 hours later practically stinky in their own filth! With our privacy on the endangered list Ron’s annual one hour comedy specials have become a New Year's tradition with television viewers from coast to coast, garnering close to 4 million viewers.

Earning effusive praise from public and critics alike, Canada’s relentless road warrior continues to raise the bar as he cuts a satiric swath through the year that was and the world as it is. With 15 minutes of added material in each special (either too risqué for television, or too funny for the lawyers!) his electrically entertaining and seamless delivery prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, that ‘Ron James is at the top of his game’...GLOBE AND MAIL ‘Must see TV’... SUN Media ‘Cleverly, hysterically funny'…Toronto Star 'A high wire act of hilarity'…Edmonton Journal 'Fast, funny and smart'…Montreal Gazette

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