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One guy with so much sound!

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Jamie Williams Entertainment Single Act

Headliner Solo Act

One guy with so much sound!

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Travels 1000 km From Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Available in Canada Only

No. of Members: One

Languages: English Only

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Single Act ●
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About Us

Jamie Williams has been performing professionally for over 25 years. As a headline performer at most of Central Ontario's premier vacation resorts, he has entertained audiences of people from all across North America. After his shows the response is always the same - "Wow! How does one guy produce such a big sound?!"

Jamie gives the answer to that familiar question: “After spending some time on the road with various bands, I decided the lifestyle wasn't what I wanted. As a result my musical career leaned towards performing solo for a period of time, and I started playing coffeehouses and small venues with an acoustic guitar and harmonica. Although I enjoy this "laid-back" type of entertaining, I am a rock 'n' roller at heart.

Feeling a little limited with this situation, I started to experiment with recording. I found that if I recorded myself playing drums, I could use the track as accompaniment in a live performance, producing a much bigger, more upbeat sound.” This led to the procedure Jamie uses today. In his studio he records all of the backing tracks for the numbers he plays live.

A talented multi-instrumentalist, Jamie plays each and every instrument himself on the background tracks he uses in his live show. Even the vocal harmonies are painstakingly worked out and recorded. The result is a sound that is full and vibrant.

Close your eyes and you will swear that a 5- or 6-piece band is playing up on stage. Says Jamie, “This works for me because it allows me to be very versatile and play many different styles of music in my live show”. Jamie has performed at universities, resorts, nightclubs and many different types of hotels and events. In recent years, he has been very much involved with resorts in and around Ontario, from family oriented summer resorts to the slightly crazier atmosphere of ski resorts.

He also plays at many corporate events, sports banquets, wedding dances, and any other venue where great live music is the ticket to a successful event. “My stage setup usually consists of ten guitars (acoustic, electric, 6-string, 12-string, bass), banjo, two mandolins (different tunings), banjo, electric violin, piano/keyboard, saxophone, percussion (kick drum, snare, bongos, chimes,shakers etc.) and an arsenal of harmonicas. I'm told it's very entertaining. I'm glad because I love to play!”

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Screen of Dreams

If you are considering creating a larger and musically more dynamic whole out of some original pieces of work, then all roads should lead to Jamie Williams and Maple Leaf Sound Productions.

Jamie not only has the studio and technical know-how but he is an incredibly creative, talented and skillful musician and vocalist as well.

I like to refer to him as my 'choir of Jamies' on background vocals, a stable of studio musicians (playing lead, bass and rhythm guitars, keyboards, piano, percussion and harmonica), and a conductor extroardinaire all rolled up into one - a complete package.
Peter Whitfield,


Jamie Williams
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Multiple Instruments
Multiple Instruments
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