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If your looking to find great entertainment for your next party, wedding, fundraiser or special event, now you can find everything from Live Bands, DJ's specialty Acts and entertainment vendors for all your needs, in one place. Click on a Moving Photo and Search our vast entertainment profiles to find the perfect live performing act or that specialty bartending service.

Live Performers are on the Top Row
Event Services are on the Bottom Row

If your a consumer thats all about the details, looking for serious entertainment vendors you can trust, we suggest you search vendor profiles with an "All Star Profile" displaying at the bottom of their webpage, as these artists that have taken a lot of time to answer the most important questions you need to know about their Act or Business.

Very serious and passionate performers will understand your shopping by value and their promo page should demonstrate that, so read profiles carefully. Exciting promo kits should intice you to "Request a Quote" or give them a call. Acts with lots of Rich details, Photos and videos help make an easier decision for you.

Our search system is designed to help you shop by value first separating weaker promo kits from passionate full time professionals. Full time serious Vendor/Performers usually take the time to post meaningfull content, details and photos to represent how they can make your event stand out. Once you have made a choice you can negotiate fees and terms with the performer or vendor "privately". Everyone wants to pay as little as possible, but keep in mind, shopping by price alone often ends in dissapointment for both parties. 

Booking Entertainment begins by building a trusting relationship between 2 parties. Make sure you feel a connection when you read through promo kits. Your event is important, so take the time to find entertainment that has the same passion for quality service that your event deserves!

Demonstrate to the peformer/Vendor that you are trustworthy as well, you'll pay in agreement with the contract terms and provide the event requirements on site to properly showcase the services you booked. Be aware that Performers are always concerned about stage space, hydro requirements, lighting, event access and parking & meals at event etc. LOOK AFTER YOUR PERFORMERS AND THEY WILL LOOK AFTER YOU!



If the Vendors phone number is displayed this is the quickest and most preferred way to make contact, as it immediately tells vendors/Performers you are a serious inquirer and you want to speak in person. You can get information immediately and ask questions you want to ask.


If the Vendors Email address is displayed at the bottom of their Profile page, click on it and a short request form will pop up. Fill it out with event details and send. Although this method is quick and less time consuming it usually does not provide enough or the right information details for the Vendor to properley create a reasonable response for your event and they will have to either email or phone you for more details, now its taking more time as your emailing back and forth. Also, you don't want to come off like your shopping by price and not by value and experience.


This probably the most efficiant & secure method to contact Professional Higher End Live Performers as it demonstrates you are shopping for quality entertainment for your event. Why? Because your taking a few extra steps to fill out a proper event request form that provides all the actual event details the Vendor/Performer needs to provide you with an accurate response. It also demonstrates your not wasting their time (or your time), it's an actual event which requires their type of unique services.

Also, if you decide to move forward with this Vendor/Performer you now have a simple "FREE" private communication account setup, so you can now privately interact with any Vendor/Performer using features like: the private messenger window, receive a printed quote and e-signature a contract to confirm the booking & option to pay with credit card.

The best reason to use the "Request a Quote" button is for the added security and piece of mind. Now you have the confidence that the whole interaction for each event is kept seperately securely on our server for reference in the rare event of any miscommunications, disputs or misunderstandings. You can also add your favourite entertainers to your favourites list to keep for future reference for your next party.

Note: "Secure Quote Enabled". This does not quareentee quality of service! It's purpose is to make it easy to communicate & track your event information between the 2 parties and to provide you with the ability to take advantage of email alerts, message window, quotes, receipts and to e-signature contracts from desktop & mobile devices. Contract forms on this system are very professional and easy to understand & e-sign from a mobile device, making the whole confirmation process a breeze! No software is required to sign documents or respond to messages, it's all done online, easy peasy. Always accessable with an internet connect from anywhere anytime.

For Live Acts that display the"request a quote button" at the bottom of their page. The very "first time" you click the request quote button you'll be prompted to create a "one time" FREE customer account, you can login with your email, and personal password you create. (It’s free) to login to your inbox to request a quote or communicate with any performers from that point on.
Once you Submit your quote request to your selected act or vendor the "SECURE QUOTE alert system will be activated" and you'll be notified via email when the entertainer sends you responses & visa versa, they will get back to you with a price quote, request more info or decline to quote with a reason.
(we suggest you add "" to your contacts so alert emails to go to your spam.)

All negotiations are kept in a private negotiation window with you and your entertainer or vendor.
If you are happy with the price and terms of the quote you can choose to confirm booking and you will receive a professional contract to e-sign to complete the booking. If you don't want to move forward simply select "decline" with a reason.

Find it! Book it! Enjoy the party!

We encourage "safety conscious" customers to use the "secure quote enabled" Performers when displayed. In the rare case of a dispute, all your interactions with that entertainer or vendor can be accessed in your private customer area to assist both parties in finding a mutually agreed solution. Note: We do not guarentee or endorse any Performers/ Vendors on this website, please research your vendor choices thoroughly. Buy entertainment based on experience, customer feedback, star ratings, bio and rich photos and video content.

All transactions are between the Performers/Vendors and Customer.
My Event Gigs Inc. does not charge agent or booking fees to customers or performers.

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