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Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly Asked Questions

1. How does myeventgigs work?

Just click a photo icon or type something in the category you’re interested in and a list of entertainers will appear for you to browse. View photos, videos, client reviews, and add the ones you like to your favorites list.
Some "PRO-ELITE" members will have a “Request a Quote” button to request more detailed information about your event. Be as “detailed” as possible when filling out a request quote form.

Note: The first time you use a request a quote button, you are prompted to fill out your basic information to setup your FREE CUSTOMER ACCOUNT. Your personal INBOX system is now activated and you can login with your email and a password you created.From that point on you can receive e-alerts from performers The more information you provide, the quicker and more accurate your quote request will be.

Once you receive a quote reply, you can accept quote and move forward to confirm booking or select to reply with a comment or questions you might have. The process is designed to be easy and effortless, secure, and accurate.

2. What is myeventgigs Goal?

We connect the public and event planners to performers, bands, DJ’s and party vendors. Our goal is to help you easily find event resources to plan your unique event and help our performers book quality gigs. Our entertainment roster is growing, which means we can provide all types of event needs: performers, DJ’s, caterers, photographers, bands, motivational speakers, hypnotists, magicians, Dance Acts and much more.

3. Do you perform background checks for those listed on myeventgigs?

We do not. While we do our best to address any issues that are brought to our attention by clients, we do not endorse, sanction, guarantee or verify those listed on myeventgigs. We recommend that you be smart and do thorough research and verification of the performer or vendor you seek to book. If you feel uncertain about moving forward with an entertainer or vendor because of something you researched that was negative. Please report it to us and we will look into it. Keeping all your transactions in one place for future reference is best accomplished by selecting the"PRO-ELITE" performers displaying the "request aquote" button at the bottom of the page.

4. Problem receiving alert emails from myeventgigs.

You might be missing our emails because your email provider has blocked our emails as spam. Yes, it happens! Add us to your contact list and that should resolve most issues.

Add " to your email contacts to be sure you receive all requests.

Quote Request Issues

5. I haven't heard anything back from my Request a Quote. What should I do?

Oh no! Try sending a follow-up message. Sometimes life gets in the way and entertainers are slow responding. Typically, you should receive a response back within 48 hours if the person is interested in getting your business. If you still don’t hear back in a reasonable 48 hours, it’s time to let go and go back do another search, (if entertainers snooze they lose). There’s lots of talent on our site and it’s growing every day.

6. My event details have changed; can I still edit my existing quote request?

If your dealing with "ELITE-PRO" Entertainers, Absolutely! Go to your inbox, view and select the quote request that needs to be changed. You’ll see a button to “view.” In the "message window", type in your text message to your performer that you request changes and start your negotiation, keeping all communications in the message window for future reference if needed.

7. I’m having issues completing a quote request or client review.

Most likely, you’ve left out a piece of "required" information (Box will be highlighted in “RED”). Carefully, Double check to make sure that each field is filled out correctly. It is also possible it might be the web browser you are using. If you are using an outdated browser, try upgrading or downloading a new browser.

8. Can I negotiate the price that is provided to me in a quote?

Absolutely. Everything is privately negotiable between you and the Vendor. Always be respectful and understanding that this is a business and the entertainers have a livelihood to make. Most entertainers are quoting well-thought-out prices that correctly match the quality and quantity of services you are looking for to make your event a success.

Remember, you usually get what you pay for, be cautious of entertainers that are price way too low as compared to others in the same category. What value do you want to put on your events success? Read bios and reviews carefully. Are you shopping price? or talent and experience? There is Always is a reason for too good to be true low quotes, proceed with caution. Performers with a rich content profiles are usually selling value and can back it up.

9. I want to delete a quote request?

Quote Requests cannot be deleted, but you may choose to block further communication if you are no longer interested in booking that particular entertainer. Just login and go to your INBOX and select the entertainer you wish to delete, select a reason for the decline and choose to decline the entertainer.

How do I Complete a Booking

10. How do I confirm a booking?

If you requested the original quote using the "request a quote button" to a PRO-ELITE live entertainer, they will send you a quote which you can accept, decline or reply with a message. If the quote looks good, all you have to do is accept the quote (You'll get an email alert to go to your INBOX)and the entertainer or service vendor will send you a simple contract with event terms to e-signature on desktop or mobile touch phone device and your booked. Done!

11. WHY Should I complete the booking through myeventgigs website?

If security is on your mind, We strongly recommend that you keep all communications through the myeventgigs website by using only Pro Elite Live Performers with the "Easy Quote Enabled" banner. If you are contacted directly outside our system, we encourage you to have them go back to myeventgigs to send you an official quote or contract. Performer Bookings that are not completed in myeventgigs "Request a Quote" cannot be tracked and are not eligible for dispute resolution or verified customer reviews. By using the "Request a quote button (when visable). All your communications will be visible and availible to you in the rare case of any dispute when dealing with PRO-ELITE live performers with the "Request a quote" button activated.

12. Do I need to provide a credit card to book my event?

No you do not need a credit card unless the entertainer specifies it. Entertainers may ask you to use their paypal button which requires a credit card. It's between you and Vendor how and when you pay for sevices. Always confirm events with a contract!

13. Are deposits refundable?

This depends on the entertainer or service vender’s cancellation terms provided with their contract. If there are no terms mentioning a cancellation policy, we encourage you to contact the vendor to discuss their refund policy. Bookings are between you and the Vendor!, thus all refunds should be handled directly between the two parties. Should serious issues arise, please contact us and let us know what the issues are. (No Guarentees) Signing a contract is the best way to protect yourself.

14. How is the remainder balance paid?

These details should be included in the contract terms with your entertainer or service vendor. In most cases, they will require cash or check on the day of the event, prior to providing service. It is important discuss all payment details with your entertainer or service vendor prior to signing any contract.

15. What if the vendor does not show up for my event?

This is definitely not a common occurrence, but unforeseen issues can arise. This is one reason we encourage that all bookings happen on myeventgigs request a quote system when disolayed with an :PRO-ELITE" performer. NOTE: If the event is booked outside of our system, you won't have messenger communication or contract references to fall back on to manage a dispute.

16. What happens if I need to cancel an event after I’ve booked someone?

If you choose to cancel, you’ll usally forfeit any money paid up to that point, depending on the policy of the vendor. You will not likely be refunded and no deposit will be returned. You also must honor any cancellation terms that were provided with your signed contract, which may include paying the remaining balance if you cancel close to the event date. The system works both ways so read contract terms carefully. Understand that if you expect a vendor to hold a date for you, they can't book anything else for that date.

Customer Reviews

17. How do I leave a review?

After your event date go to your inbox details for that entertainer or service vendor and press the customer feedback button and fill out the form or use the one on their public profile page if displayed and select a star rating from 1-5.

18. I meant to give someone all 5 stars. Can I edit that Review?

No, All reviews are locked once sent so they cannot be tampered with, type carefully when submitting a review.”(One review per email address)

19. I’m certain I left a review for the vendor I hired. Why isn’t it showing up?

Once you send in your verified star rating review, it is viewable to that vendor, however, it's up to the entertainer or service vendor to post it on their public profile page if they wish to do so.

20. “Verified Reviews”

Verified Star Reviews are those reviews that are attached to a verified booking. These reviews are actual customers testimonials that were confirmed by contract or receipt and must have verifiable info. To send in a review using the customer star rating review button, customers are required to provide a company name, customer name, phone number, email and date of event. One review per email address.


21. "PRO-ELITE" Advantage for performers and retailers?

By creating a myeventgigs promo kit, our members are more likely to attract higher-end clientele and better booking opportunities. We direct event planners, talent buyers, wedding planners and businesses to our members. Visitors to your Promo page can contact you by submitting a request a quote. Or, for “Pro Elite” Live Performers, they have the ability to contact you directly (via phone, email ). We also offer our amazing online customizable solo contract tool. Many of our members feel that our membership fee is well worth it for this contract tool alone.Our booking system was developed by entertainers for entertainers. We designed it to be easy and quick, so you can communicate easily with potential clients during the booking process and take the stress off clients by offering e-signature option.

22. How do you drive traffic to myevent gigs?

We work hard to get the exposure you want and need. A great source of traffic is through SEO (Search engine optimization), as we appear at the top of the many Google, Yahoo, and Bing searches related to the entertainment business. We are constantly refining search criteria to ensure we’re presenting the cleanest and easiest website for search engines to crawl and index. The more effort you put into your promo kit the better chance you have of getting hits. You can also add your own "personal" SEO keywords to your promo page. Each time you change keywords it can take about 30 days or so for those changes to take effect online.