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Corporate Tips


If you’ve ever planned a party of any kind before, you know the energy, time, creativity, and patience it requires. However, planning a corporate party is loaded up with even more pressure, since it involves the people you work with.

If you’ve been delegated to organize and plan a corporate party—whether it’s a charity gala, an awards dinner, or a simple company gathering—here are some time-tested tips to help you during the planning process.

Start With A List

The very first thing you should do before anything else is to make a list and keep a folder to help you stay organized. Include everything you’ll need to arrange on the list, including finding an event venue, figuring out how everyone will be invited, entertainment, food, dress code—everything! Make notes of venues and caterers you like, write down numbers, and keep receipts all in the same folder.

Make Sure The Schedule Works

Be sure to check your calendar. Don’t set the event for a date when a lot of people may not be able to come, such as a holiday, or around a big event like the Super Bowl or even the Oscars. And double-check that there are no other company events going on around the same date. You don’t want people to get burned out on work parties that are held to close together.

Find A Venue

The event venue you decide on is very important. You don’t want to hold the event in a dull office “party room”, a stuffy hotel, or an everyday restaurant. Instead, treat the guests to a luxurious venue that feels great. Get them out of their regular surroundings for awhile. Choose a sophisticated and glamorous space that compliments the event well.


Incorporating entertainment into your event takes a lot of research. Read performers bios carefully. Is there testimonials, videos and photos of events.